Vaal University of Technology Fees and Funding

Vaal University of Technology Fees and Funding


  • Liability: All registered students shall be liable for the prescribed fees for the relevant period and are subject to the conditions as specified in the application form.
  • Fees are charged per semester and year programs (Please refer to items 2.1 and 2.2 for more clarity).
  • Charges relating to the provision of additional text material e.g. supplementary notes; laboratory fees; field trips where applicable will be raised separately; etc.

Details of the charges for each module, as well as supplementary charges, may be obtained from the offices of the various faculties, Finance and Student Administration.

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IMPORTANT: Please read next paragraph carefully
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The fees listed below are for guideline purposes only. They indicate the ESTIMATED amounts payable by students who are registered for the normal academic load on a full@time basis. The actual fees raised will vary depending on the specific modules taken as per STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT.
2.1.1 Semester Courses:

Faculty of Applied and Computer Sciences Amount (6 Months)
Analytical Chemistry R 12,680
Non-Destructive Testing R 12,680
Information Technology R 14,060
Faculty of Engineering and Technology Amount (6 Months)
Chemical Engineering R 12,680
Process Instrumentation R 13,950
Power Engineering R 13,950
Electronic Engineering R 13,950
Civil Engineering R 14,150
Industrial Engineering R 14,150
Mechanical Engineering R 14,150
Metallurgical Engineering R 14,120
Operations Management R 13,990
Engineering: Computer Systems R 14,150
Extended Diplomas:

Extended Diplomas Semester 1 Semester 2
Extended Engineering Diplomas R 8,640 R 12,960
Extended Information Technology Diploma R 8,640 R 12,960

2.1.2 Year Courses:

Faculty of Applied and Computer Sciences Amount (Year)
Biomedical Technology R 23,380
Biotechnology R 22,940
Office Management and Technology (2012 last intake) R 14,490
Faculty of Human Sciences Amount (Year)
Labour Law R 17,770
Fine Art R 22,070
Graphic Design R 22,880
Photography R 27,970
Hospitality Management R 18,930
Ecotourism Management R 21,570
Fashion R 21,900
Public Relations Management R 17,770
Tourism Management R 17,770
Safety Management (Day and Evening Classes – 18:00-22:00) R 12,680
Policing R 12,680
Legal Assistance R 17,770
Faculty of Management Sciences Amount (Year)
Cost & Management Accounting (3rd Year Level) R 17,770
Internal Auditing (3rd Year Level) R 17,770
Financial Information Systems R 20,390
Logistics Management R 17,070
Human Resources Management R 15,450
Marketing R 17,120
Retail Business Management R 17,120
Sport Management R 14,490

Extended Diplomas:

Extended Diplomas Semester 1 Semester 2
Cost & Management Accounting, Financial Information Systems & Internal Auditing R 8,640 R 12,960
Extended Diplomas (Group 1) Semester 1 Semester 2
Fashion, Fine Art, Graphic Design & Photography R 8,860 R 13,284
Extended Diplomas (Group 2) Semester 1 Semester 2
Labour Law, Legal Assistance, Safety Management & Policing R 8,640 R 12,960
Extended Diplomas (Group 3) Semester 1 Semester 2
Ecotourism Management, Hospitality Management, Public
Relations Management & Tourism Management
R 8,000 R 12,960

2.1.3 Post Graduates:

Degree Amount (Year)
Masters R 16,470
Doctorates R 21,960

NB. The above costs EXCLUDE Residence, Registration, Laboratory Fees, Levies and (Sundry Services See 2.3).
Please note that the residence fee quoted applies only to the academic period and does not include the June and December vacation. Students who cannot vacate their rooms on the last day of the academic calendar will be levied a pro-rated fee applicable to residence students.

Mens Residences Semester Year
Sinqobile Lethabong R10,360 R20,720
Uhuru, Ubuntu, Dikgalala Inkwenkwez R10,190 R20,380
Khayalethu R10,360 R20,720
Meropa R8,980 R17,960
Boiketlong R10,190 R20,380
New Residence Phase 1 R12,330 R24,660
New Residence Phase 2 R12,330 R24,660
Science Park R12,330 R24,660
Dinaleding R10,360 R20,720
Post Graduate Flats R14,190 R28,300
Ladies Residences Semester Year
Tsalanang Leseding R10,360 R20,720
Dinaleding R10,360 R20,720
Khomanani, Kutwanong & Meloding R 8,980 R17,960
New Residence Phase 1 R12,330 R24,660
New Residence Phase 2 R12,330 R24,660
Science Park Residence R12,330 R24,660


Service Amount
Application fee (SA Citizen) R 100
Late application fee R 140
Re-write and supplementary exams (per subject) R 130
Re-mark per subject (refundable if pass mark is obtained and fee account is zero) R 130
Diploma absentia fee R 130
Subject statement (per subject) R 40
Subject exemption certificate R 60
Duplicate ‘proof of registration’ R 40
Duplicate student access card R 60
Duplicate receipt of payment R 10
Duplicate statement of account R 20

International Citizens

Service Amount
Surcharge payable R 1,600

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