University of Pretoria Courses


University of Pretoria Courses

Engineering, Built Environment & IT



  • MArch (Professional)
  • MArch Architecture
  • MEng Bioengineering
  • MEng Chemical Engineering
  • MEng Computer Engineering
  • MEng Control Engineering
  • MEng Electrical Engineering
  • MEng Electronic Engineering
  • MEng Engineering Management (Coursework)
  • MEng Environmental Engineering
  • MEng Geotechnical Engineering
  • MEng Industrial Engineering
  • MEng Mechanical Engineering
  • MEng Metallurgical Engineering
  • MEng Microelectronic Engineering
  • MEng Mining Engineering
  • MEng Project Management (Coursework)
  • MEng Software Engineering
  • MEng Structural Engineering
  • MEng Technology Management
  • MEng Technology Management (Coursework)
  • MEng Transportation Engineering
  • MEng Water Resources Engineering
  • MEng Water Utilisation Engineering
  • MIntArch
  • MIntArch Professional
  • MIS Information Science
  • MIS Library Science
  • MIS Multimedia
  • MIS Publishing
  • MIT Information Systems
  • MIT Information Technology
  • MLArch (Professional)
  • MLArch Landscape Architecture
  • MSc Applied Science Architecture (Coursework)
  • MSc Applied Science Chemical Technology
  • MSc Applied Science Control
  • MSc Applied Science Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
  • MSc Applied Science Environmental Technology
  • MSc Applied Science Geotechnics
  • MSc Applied Science Industrial Systems
  • MSc Applied Science Structures
  • MSc Applied Science Transportation Planning
  • MSc Applied Science Water Resources
  • MSc Applied Science Water Utilisation
  • MSc Computer Science
  • MSc Construction Management
  • MSc Engineering Management (Coursework)
  • MSc Project Management
  • MSc Quantity Surveying
  • MSc Real Estate Retail property (Coursework)
  • MSc Real Estate
  • MSc Real Estate (Coursework)
  • MSc Technology Management
  • MSc Technology Management (Coursework)
  • MTRP (Coursework)
  • MTRP Town and Regional Planning

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