University of Kwazulu-Natal Nursing Courses Offered

University of Kwazulu-Natal Nursing Courses Offered

Structure of the Course

First Year
Commence, usually, in the fourth week of January

  1. Fundamental Nursing
  2. Four (4) non-nursing semester modules from social science or other schools of the university. (16 credits per module).
  3. Anatomy.
  4. Physics and Chemistry (Special Science).
  5. Clinical work during all university vacations.
  6. Physiology during 2nd semester.

Second Year

  1. Four non-nursing subjects, Two of which must be on 2nd year level.
  2. Community Health Nursing: Health promotion and illness prevention.
  3. Physiology in the first semester
  4. Clinical work during all university vacations.

Third Year

  1. General Nursing including Unit Administration
  2. Nursing Research
  3. Pharmacology
  4. Three days a week will be spent in a hospital setting, as well as during university

Fourth year

  1. Midwifery
  2. Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing.
  3. Primary Health Care
  4. Four days per week will be spent in the communities, as well as during university vacations.


  1. You must have a matriculation exemption. If you are still in Standard 10/Grade 12, you may be included in the selection procedure, but your selection is conditional pending your final matric results.
  2. You need to be in reasonably good health (will have a physical examination)

Bachelor of Nursing Advanced Practice (BNAP)



A Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Practice) is a three year degree (if taken full time) which is offered post registration as a general nurse. The aim is to allow these nurses to advance themselves academically and clinically.

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