UNISA Registration Dates 2020-2023

UNISA Registration Dates 2020-2023

Registration for 2020.

Note: All fees must be paid into the correct bank account with the correct reference number or else the university will not be able to process your registration before the relevant closing date. In the case where a letter from an employer / sponsor confirming that they assume responsibility for payment is supplied, the university can provide the employer / sponsor with a quotation. Registration will only be activated upon receipt of the minimum payment by the relevant closing date. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the employer / sponsor pay the fees in time. No late payments will be accepted. It is advisable for a student to pay his / her fees and claim it back from the sponsor.

UNISA Registration Dates 2020-2023

The University of South Africa (Unisa) has extended its registration by around a month, giving new and returning students more time to get in.

Registration for the second semester of 2020 opened on 9th June and was scheduled to close a few days ago on 26th June. This, however, has been pushed back to 24 July.

Unisa moving around registration dates is nothing new and has been happening long before COVID-19 became a pandemic. For the first semester of 2020, before the coronavirus had impacted the country, the university had to extend registration dates three separate times.

The school’s penchant for moving dates around, combined with problems caused by the pandemic and the South African lockdown leads us to believe that this won’t be the only extension for the second semester.

This date change applies to new and returning students not awaiting their results for their exams written in the first semester of 2020. Those students also have between 9th June and 24th July to register. This is worth mentioning as these dates for awaiting students have been in place for a while, while the new and returning student dates have been updated recently.

You can see this in two promotional images shared by Unisa below, the first posted on 9th June and the second on 27th June.

As some students are still writing their exams into July, it leaves for little time for the university to mark and return these papers.

9th June:

27th June: 

New Registration Period

Students have been used to being able to register for the following year from November the previous year.

For now UNISA has removed this early registration period, and you can only register for 2023 in 2020

This means that for active students who registered quickly you have lost up to 6 weeks of study time.

We highly recommend that you register as early as possible in the new year to ensure that you are processed and receive your study material in good time to send in your first assignment.

First Apply, THEN register

Remember that before you can register at UNISA you first need to successfully apply at the institution, and and be accepted.

It is quite a complicated process, and you need to ensure that you submit every document in exactly the format that UNISA requires it.  If you don’t you will not be accepted, and you will have to apply again the following year.

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