UNISA Professional Multimedia Practice Course Module

UNISA Professional Multimedia Practice Course Module

The study units PMP3701 may only be taken for the BA (Culture and Arts) degree with specialisation in Multimedia Studies. Credit for a degree is granted for (CCT3014 and
EXH303G) or PMP311Y or PMP3701. Students registered for the BA (Culture and Arts) degree with specialisation in Multimedia Studies: Professional Multimedia Practice must be registered for in conjunction with VAR3701.
Students requesting Credits: from other institutions must contact the department and submit a portfolio. On success they will receive a permission document. Registrations for PMP3701 close on the same day as the semester registration closing date and not the closing date for year modules: on 31 January. Students must attend a minimum of one day of both practical workshops. Students are expected to attend the two workshops presented and are strongly advised to attend the full workshops.

Professional Multimedia Practice – PMP3701
Under Graduate Degree Year module NQF level: 7 Credits: 24
Module presented in English
Pre-requisite: VAR2601 & VAR2602 or VAR211D & VAR212E Co-requisite: VAR3701
Purpose: To provide third level Multimedia students with theoretical information on professional multimedia practice. Comprehensive guidance is given on professional multimedia practice with an emphasis on the use of multimedia within contemporary visual arts practice. Students are given training as to participating as a professional visual artist with regard to the art market, exhibitions, residencies and competitions. Students are guided in the writing, preparation and production of professional art catalogues (which is extended into both a printed and interactive catalogue format for Multimedia students). The module also entails teaching students to write up an academic research proposal and research essay which prepares students to engage with an Honours level degree.