Undergraduate International Fees

Undergraduate International Fees

International registration and tuition fees

  • Non-South African citizens (excluding students who are citizens of SADC countries) will be charged double the tuition fee of South African students (see cost factors in the table below), AND the International levy will be charged. (Except for research master’s or doctoral degrees, where only the local tuition fee will be required.)
  • Students who are citizens of SADC countries will pay the same tuition fee as charged for South African citizens BUT also have to pay the international levy.
  • Asylum seekers, refugees and diplomats stationed in South Africa, as well as permanent residents of South Africa only, are exempted from paying double tuition fees and are exempted from the international levy.
  • International students will be required:
    • to pay a initial registration fee (which will form part of the total tuition fees due),  before registration (see amounts in table below).
    • to pay 50% of their full student account by 30 April, and the remainder by 31 July.

SADC countries
The SADC countries include Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe.
International payments can be made using a credit card (provided you have 3D security in place with your own bank), or by doing a SWIFT transfer from your bank in your own country.

Account holder University of Pretoria University of Pretoria
Branch Hatfield    – Branch code: 632005 Hatfield    – Branch code: 632005
Account number 2140 000 038 2140 000 054
Deposit reference Initials and surname  8 digit Student number

Medical aid cover for international students
Please note, that DHA does NOT accept any outside medical cover anymore. Including the ones that have always been accepted: (PULA, Swazimed, Bomaid, Namibhealth etc. etc.) since last year according to International Education Association Of South Africa (IEASA).
All non-South African citizens, including students who are citizens from SADC countries, need to comply with the visa regulation as determined by the Immigration Act, Act 19 of 2004.
Regulation 10(1) (i) determines the following:
An applicant for a study visa is required to provide proof of medical aid cover with a medical scheme registered in terms of the Medical Schemes Act, Act 131 of 1998, recognised in the Republic.
The University requires that the medical aid cover be valid for the full academic year for which you seek registration until 31 December.
Study Abroad and Exchange Students must secure medical cover for the duration of their stay.  A minimum of six (6) months’ cover is provided by medical companies.  This provision is for Study Abroad and Exchange students only.
Month-to-month medical aid cover will only be acceptable from dependents on submission of the confirmation letter from the main member’s medical aid service provider.
Should students rely on sponsorships, they should ensure that the sponsor is advised of this requirement at the onset of the sponsorship of the admission offer from the University.  UP does not accept sponsorship letters in lieu of payment.  Payment of the required medical aid cover fee is made directly to the medical aid service provider, prior to immigration clearance for registration.
The medical service providers stated below are medical aid companies with developed student-focused products that are registered in terms of the Medical Schemes Act.  These companies offer the minimum benefits that a student may require while in South Africa.
Take note:  Although you may, with another international insurance or medical product, secure a study visa from a South African visa issuing authority, the University of Pretoria, in accordance with the Immigration Act, does not recognise such medical cover for registration purposes.
Momentum Health offers weekly consultation sessions on the Hatfield Campus, International Students Division offices, Client Service Centre.  Students can join both schemes online.

Contact details

Momentum Health (Ingwe option)
Tel:           +27 (0)12 673 1800
Mobile:      +27 (0)71 884 3578
Email:       [email protected]
Website:  www.ingwehealth.co.za
Premium for 2018: ZAR 4 440,00
Payable in advance
January – December

BestMed Medical Scheme (Blueprint student option)

Tel: +27 (0)12 339 9800 or 086 000 2378 or 086000BEST
Email: [email protected]
Website:  www.bestmed.co.za


International undergraduate students tuition fee factors:

Student type Country International Levy  Undergrad Registration  Tuition fee factor
Study Visa SADC R3 130 R5 000 Local fees
non-SADC R3 130 R5 000 Double local fees for coursework studies
R3 130 R5 000 Local fees for full research-orientated master’s or doctoral studies
Visitor Visa
For block attendance or distance education research study only.
SADC R3 130 R5 000 Local fees
Visa must be endorsed to allow for study
non–SADC R3 130 R5 000 Double local fees
Visa must be endorsed to allow for study
Work Visa
(for full-time work
40 hours per week)
Part-time studies only
SADC n/a R5 000 Local fees
Visa must be endorsed to allow for study
non-SADC n/a R5 000 Local fees
Visa must be endorsed to allow for study
Asylum seeker All n/a R5 000 Local tuition fees
Diplomat All n/a R5 000 Local tuition fees.  Dependents of diplomats pay local tuition fees only if they have a diplomatic visa in their own passports.
Refugee All n/a R5 000 Local tuition fees
residency status in South Africa
All n/a R5 000 Local tuition fees
(with Visitors Visa)
All n/a n/a R2 440
(See note on Visitors Visa endorsement above)
(with Study Visa)
All n/a n/a No tuition fees billed if in collaboration agreement.  All accommodation will be billed.
(with Study Visa)
SADC R3 130 R5 000 Local fees
non-SADC R3 130 R5 000 Double local fees