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Admission Requirements for Undergraduate Studies

Postgraduate Studies
Short Learning Programmes
There are specific matric exemption requirements that you must meet if you want to study at any South African university. If you completed school in or after 2008, and have a National Senior Certificate (NSC), you need the following to apply for admission to a Bachelor’s degree at any South African university:
Four (4) of the seven (7) subjects included in your NSC subject package must be from the designated subjects listed below, with a minimum mark of 4 (50%) in each of these four (4) subjects:
Designated list of school subjects:

Accounting Information Technology
Agricultural Sciences Life Sciences (Biology/Physiology)
Business Studies Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy
Consumer Studies Music
Dramatic Arts Three languages (one of these must be the language of teaching and learning at a higher-education institution and two other recognised language subjects)
Engineering Graphics and Design
Geography Physical Sciences/Natural Sciences
History Religion Studies
Visual Arts

Calculation of your admission point (AP) score

It is important that you study the admission requirements of the programmes you are interested in, thoroughly. The UFS calculates your AP score based on the NSC achievement scale. An AP score consisting of seven levels is used. Points will be awarded for six academic subjects (note: no points will be awarded for achievement points lower than 30%). One point is awarded for Life Orientation from achievement level 5 (60%) or higher when calculating your AP score for admission purposes.

7 (90%-100%) 8
7 (80%-89%) 7
6 (70%-79%) 6
5 (60%-69%) 5
4 (50%-59%) 4
3 (40%-49%) 3
2 (30%-39%) 2
1 (0%-29%)


To calculate your AP, you can use the following example:
For five (5) academic subjects, you must obtain a level 5 (60%) 5 x 5 = 25
For one (1) further academic subject, you must obtain a level 4 (50%) 1 x 4 = 4
For Life Orientation, a level of 5 (60%) or higher to score 1 point 1 x 1 = 1
UFS overall AP score = 30

Note that your achievement level in Life Orientation is excluded from the calculation of your AP score for the allocation of a merit bursary in your first year of study. See the section on Financial Aid (Bursaries and Loans).
Are you a Top Achiever?
If you have an AP score of 35 and above, you are a Top Achiever and qualify for a conditional admission offer linked to a merit bursary of a corresponding value to your AP score. This excludes admission to selection programmes. Another benefit of being a Top Achiever is that you will be invited to an early-bird registration during January 2019, subject to meeting all the minimum requirements for the intended programme of study with your final Grade 12 results.

Important application closing dates

Date Programme/s for which application closes
31 May 2018 · MBChB
· Radiation Sciences
· All programmes in the Allied Health Sciences
31 July 2018 · Architecture
· Quantity Surveying
· Construction Management
· Nursing
31 August 2018 International applications
30 September 2018 · Geology
· Forensic Sciences
· Music
· Social Work
· Community development (QQ only)
· All non-selection programmes
1 November 2018 Fine Arts
30 November 2018 All University Access Programmes on the South Campus

International students: If we receive your application after 31 August 2018, it will not be captured.

Application Helpdesk

The Application Helpdesk will assist you with the application process. Contact the helpdesk agents for:

  • Information on any study programme’s admission requirements;
  • Assistance to complete your application forms (online or hard copy);
  • Tracking the status of your application.

Contact: +27 51 401 9666 | E: [email protected]
If you have applied to study a programme in the Faculty of Health Sciences, contact Lydia du Toit: +27 51 401 7513 | [email protected] | Fax2email: +27 86 579 5154 or +27 86 6669 191.

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