Rhodes University Tuition

Rhodes University Tuition 2019

There are two basic fees (tuition and residence) and some additional lesser fees (e.g. for handouts or special examination costs).

  1. Tuition fees for undergraduate degrees range from R29,200 to R50,700

    (refer section (B) for the exact fee for your selected degree)

  1. Residence fees range from R51,900 to R54,500.

(refer section (E))
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In the Department of Higher Education & Training will pay the fee adjustment for NSFAS students and students from the “missing middle” (South African families with a joint income not exceeding R600 000 per annum). NSFAS students do not need to apply for this grant but students in the “missing middle” must apply. If approved, the grant will result in a credit to your fee account with the effect of reducing fees to the level indicated in the tables starting on page 7 of this booklet. The application form for the “DHET FEE ADJUSTMENT GRANT” is to be found at http://www.ru.ac.za/studentfeesandfinancialaid/ . The completed form, together with the supporting documents detailed on the form, should be handed in at registration.
The payment options that are available follow but please note carefully the payment due dates if you wish to be accommodated in residence. Registration will not be permitted if none of the options below have been taken up.
SOUTH AFRICAN STUDENTS (excluding NSFAS and missing middle)
Option 1
Pay a Registration Fee (roughly 10% of tuition fees and where applicable 10% of residence fees), by 20 January ;
The Registration Fee:
Tuition only:                   R4,400.
Tuition and Residence:  R4,400 + R5,400 = R9,800.
The balance of fees to be paid as set out below;
A further 25% of fee amount to have been paid by the end of March (i.e. 35% paid)
A further 25% of fee amount by the end of June (i.e. 60% paid);
A further 25% of fee amount by the end of September (i.e. 85% paid) and
The final amount by the end of November, resulting in 100% of fees paid.
Extras to be paid monthly per student fee statements.
Option 2
Make a direct deposit or internet transfer of the full tuition fee and, if applicable the full residence fee, prior to 20 January. A 5% discount may be claimed in writing if you opt for this option.
Option 3
Arrange payment of the full fees by debit order with 11 monthly instalments from 1 February to 1 December. The debit order application form, obtainable from the Student Bureau or the Student Fees Office, must be completed and signed by the person whose bank account is to be debited and returned, together with all other documentation, to the Student Fees Office by 10 January . This may be done via email: [email protected] or fax : 046 603 7019. Incomplete applications will not be considered and the facility must be approved prior to 20 January .

Payment of Fees

Find Rhodes University’s Banking details and the payment methods that you can use
when paying your student fees.

Important Fees Information for New Students

There are important fee requirements for new students from South Africa and for
new international or foreign students.

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Other Fee Considerations

We provide you with information on various fees that can be expected for Additional Courses,
Single Courses, Departmental Charges, Societies Charges and Examination fees.

Contact Student Fees

Contact Rhodes Student Fees should you require further information about our fees.
Tel: +27 46 603 8743
Fax: +27 46 603 7019
e-mail: [email protected]