Matric rewrite damelin

Matric rewrite damelin

Matric rewrite damelin

High SchoolGrade 12 /

National Senior Certificate Repeat Learners for Grade 12


Course Introduction

Do you need credits in order to obtain your National Senior Certificate because you did not meet the minimum pass requirements in previous examination sittings? Did you complete the SBA (school based assessment) component for all the subjects for which you have written the final external Grade 12 examinations?

You can enrol for the subjects that you wish to repeat without having to re-do the SBA component.

Course Contents

Subject Selection Subjects are available in English only. You may only select subjects that you have already studied in Grade 12 (for which you have a SBA mark), and for which you wrote the external final National Senior Certificate Grade 12 examinations.

Download the PDF and go to page 25 & 26 for the subject list.

Matric rewrite damelin

Programme Duration

The study period may range from 12 months to 24 months, depending on the number of subjects that you wish to repeat.

Entrance Requirements

An official Grade 12 Statement of Results confirming the results for the subjects for which you want to enrol.

Student Assessment

School Based Assessment

Your School Based Assessments (SBA) marks are valid. This means, that you do not have to re-do the SBA component of the subjects that you need to repeat. You need to only re-write the final external examinations for these subjects.