In the event of cancellation or withdrawal no credit will be given.
Reimbursement of credit balance on account:

  • Credit balances on the accounts of students, are paid out to the parents (for more details make an enquiry at the Financial Enquiries Cashiers, students or sponsors on completion of a claim form.
  • Should company monies be involved, the necessary documentation (letter of permission) from the company must accompany the application.
  • Banking details and account holders details are compulsory.
  • Honoraria’s and bursaries awarded will only be paid out after settlement of student account.

Any deviation from the fixed procedure may be considered if proof is forthcoming of the following:
Suspension: Should the Council temporarily or permanently deprive a student of the rights and privileges he/she enjoys, or deny the student, whether it be permanently or temporarily, further admission, the student shall forfeit all claims to reimbursement, a decrease or remission of monies payable or paid to the University.

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