Just in: Updates On UEW Admission And UEW Reopening Date 2020

Updates On UEW Admission And UEW Reopening Date 2020

Information reaching us, indicates that admission list and admission letters for those who applied for UEW admissions are ready. However the new academic calendar is yet to be authenticated by the government hence the delay.

The UEW academic calendar contains date for the arrival of freshers. As such until the government approves it, All applicants would have to be patient as their admission letters will reach them ones the academic calendar is approved .

A letter from the UEW Students’ Representative Council (SRC) gives details on the aforementioned and stated plans for reopening of UEW. The release reads as follows:

Updates On UEW Admission And UEW Reopening Date

We bring you warmth greetings from Students’ Representative Council . The Council has observed with keen eyes and unfettered interest, the various sentiments from the student body with regards to the 2023/2023 Academic Calendar, specifically with the date of reopening and hereby wishes to inform the entire student fraternity that ;

1. The Academic Board upon request by Government through the Ministry of Education
has submitted the Academic Calendar for the 2023/2023 academic year that
automatically includes the date of reopening to the government for it’s consideration
and subsequent approval.

2. Due to the above stated reason, the entire student community should keep their fingers
crossed in total calmness and exercise a great level of restraint as we all wait patiently
for the government to authenticate the Academic Calendar that has been submitted by
the authorities of our noble university.

3. Admission letters for all applicants admitted by the University for the 2023/2023
academic year are ready but on hold because of the Academic Calendar which includes
the official reporting date for fresh men and women which is pending approval by
Government. Applicants are therefore entreated to remain calm in hope and make the
necessary preparations as the University will definitely distribute admission letters as
soon as the greenlight is given by Government .

4. Continuing students are advised to make all the necessary preparations needed for the
upcoming Academic year so that they are not taken by surprises when the greenlight is
given for the commencement of the 2023/2023 academic year.

5. School Fees for the 2023/2023 academic year is yet to be released, the council therefore
entreats all students and various stakeholders to kindly disregard any concerted figures
making waves on social media platforms purported to be the official fees for the
2023/2023 academic year as students shall be duly informed when the official fees is
out. All issues regarding level 400 Internship and industrial programmed will be
addressed in the Academic Calendar yet to be released .

The SRC wishes to use this medium to shower soothing words of commendation to the entire
students of the University for their steadfastness exhibited towards all the stipulated protocols
in the fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic. We continue to encourage all students to be
responsible as they have been since the inception of this dangerous virus because the lives of
our dear students are very sacrosanct to us.
The council counts on your usual and unflinching cooperation.