Is D7 accepted in the UEW?

Is D7 accepted in the University of Education Winneba UEW? Minister of State in charge of Tertiary Education, Professor Kwesi Yankah has suggested that students who get D7 and E8 in their final exams, should be considered in University admissions.

We have for several years now been deluding ourselves into thinking that that below C6, that is those who get D7, E8 and so on, are not qualified to enter university. Prof Yankah said that although there are only a few state-owned universities in Ghana, they control about 80 percent of student enrollment.

Is D7 accepted in the University of Education Winneba UEW?

Is D7 accepted in the University of Education Winneba UEW?

The Ministry of Education has begun consultations with the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) to spell out implications of a new policy for admissions to universities and other tertiary institutions that introduces some flexibility in the consideration of non-credit passes.

Minimum Requirement for University of Education Winneba UEW

Minimum/General Entry Requirements into a University of Ghana
An applicant for admission to a degree programme in the University of Ghana must have at least credits (A1 – C6 in WASSCE and A – D in SSSCE) in English, Core Mathematics and Integrated Science (for Science related programmes) or Social Studies (for non-Science related programmes) and three elective subjects in Science for applicants applying to Science or Agriculture related disciplines or three elective subjects in General Arts/Business for applicants applying to non-Science related disciplines, with the total aggregate not exceeding 24.

Is D7 accepted in the University of Education Winneba UEW

In addition, Science applicants should have at least a grade C6 in WASSCE/D in SSSCE in Social Studies/Life Skills and non-Science applicants should also have at least a grade C6 in WASSCE/D IN SSSCE in Integrated Science/Core Science.

The University of Education, Winneba is a University in Winneba, Central Region of Ghana. It was established in 1992 by a government ordinance and with a relationship with the University of Cape Coast. Its main aim is to train teachers for the education system of Ghana


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  1. I don’t think so why d7 can’t accept in any tertiary institution in Ghana but they wrote d7 as pass and not feel

  2. I don’t understand why d7 is pass but it can’t b accept in any tertiary institution in Ghana if not they should write d7 as fail

  3. Why can’t D7 be accepted in university?

  4. I passed all my exams and got d7 in maths why cant i be enrolled OMG!!

  5. I passed all my core subjects and passed two elective subjects and had d7 in one elective subject but still couldn’t get an admission…why? Because for what I know the core subjects are the ones our various universities expect most

  6. I pass all my subjects with the acception of English d7 would I get admission to UEW

    1. Please I had d7 in science can I be admitted in UEW??

  7. Please i had d7 in English language can i be admitted in UEW

  8. Please I bought forms last year and am not getting any information from the school and I want to ask when are we coming to school

  9. Juliet Angelina Efua Cudjoe

    Pls I had D7 in science and only one D7 in my electives subject can I be admitted to offer Hospitality management in next year

  10. Pls I had d7 in science and math can I be enrolled in UEW to offer science related course

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