Housing and Residence Affairs

Housing and Residence Affairs

On-Campus Residence

Residence Accommodation: Junior/Senior Residences
The accommodation agreement that you entered into with the UFS will, subject to other stipulations or regulations as approved by the Council from time to time, be binding for the full accommodation period. You, or your parent/guardian, or both, are responsible for the full accommodation fee for the accommodation period.
Accommodation at the UFS will become your second home, and life in a student residence at the UFS can be a very exciting and rewarding experience. If you are accepted into one of our residences, you will benefit from a completely new world of friendships that can last for a lifetime. There are many people from different language, racial, and cultural backgrounds on campus. Living and learning in this diverse environment can give you a definite advantage over many other jobseekers once you graduate, and this will help you later in life.
Our residences are very popular, with a waiting list for applicants. Therefore, you should apply as soon as possible if you want to secure a place.
The leadership in residence communities consists of a Residence Head, Prime, Residence Committee, and Peer Mentors. This leadership team creates a residence environment where every student feels welcome and inspired. All residence communities are driven by a set of shared values, which mediates a culture of mutual accountability.
First-year students are supported in their transition to higher education by means of a Peer Mentor system in residences. Each first-year student is allocated to a Peer Mentor who facilitates individual conversation as well as conversations in small group format with students.

Application for Residence Accommodation

To become a resident, you need to:

  • Complete the application form for admission as soon as possible.
  • Make sure that you complete the forms correctly to avoid delays.
  • Keep your breakage deposit ready in case you are selected for placement in a residence (refer to the placement procedure on the application form).
  • Take note of the academic admission criteria for residences. Make sure that your admission point meets the criteria.
  • Indicate your involvement/achievement in leadership, culture, and sport.

Placement Policy

It is very important to take note of the following academic requirements for junior residences on the:
Bloemfontein and Qwaqwa Campuses:

  • A minimum Grade 12 admission point of 30 is required for admission in a residence.
  • Your academic merit is determined based on the most recent admission point as calculated by the university (whether Grade 11 or Grade 12 point).
  • If you were admitted to a residence based on the Grade 11 point and the Grade 12 point is less than 30, your admission to a residence will be cancelled.
  • If your current admission point is less than 30, you can still apply for residence accommodation. You will qualify for admission to a residence (subject to availability) if your final Grade 12 admission point is 30 or more.
  • If you are currently in the University Access Programme (UAP), you will qualify for admission to a residence if you pass all your modules.
  • If you were registered at the UFS or another tertiary institution for the second or subsequent years, you must have passed at least 120 credits to qualify for admission to a residence. Current first-year students will qualify for admission to a residence based on their Grade 12 admission point.

South Campus: Admission to a full-time programme on the South Campus

  • If you were provisionally admitted to a residence on the Bloemfontein Campus prior to your final Grade 12 results becoming available, and your final results indicate that your studies encompass an extended curriculum programme at the South Campus, such provisional admission shall automatically be transferred to a residence on the South Campus.
  • Your admission is in all cases subject to you meeting the conditions pertaining to the aforementioned admission.

General admission requirements:
To place balanced students in residences, the highest level of achievement in respect of leadership, culture, and sport is taken into account and calculated as follows:

  • School level = 4 points
  • Provincial = 8 points
  • National = 12 points
  • International = 16 points

The application point is calculated by obtaining the total of the admission point (weighted at 2/3) and general admission point (weighted at 1/3).
Contact details of junior and senior residences:
(Women) Monica Ramsoomar: +27 51 401 3455 or [email protected]
(Men) Vanisher Khetha: +27 51 401 3562 or [email protected]
Visit our residences at: http://residences.ufs.ac.za for more information.

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