Faculty of Economic & Management Sciences Courses

Economic & Management Sciences Courses

The Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences comprises six departments, a postgraduate School of Government and a School of Business and Finance.

Qualifications and programmes:

The faculty offers a range of undergraduate programmes in the fields of accounting, economics, business management, industrial psychology, human resource management, information systems, politics and public administration.The available programmes include Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degrees in Accounting, Financial Accounting, Law, and a general Bachelor of Administration (BAdmin). The faculty has recently introduced a four-year stream to provide additional support to new students through a range of enrichment courses in the first and second years of study.
Over the course of the past decade, the faculty has developed a strong postgraduate programme, offering degrees and diplomas in public management, economics, industrial psychology, politics and information systems. Demand for entry into these programmes is growing, both nationally and internationally. The faculty maintains a strong research focus, both through the output of individual academics and through a number of research units, several of which are located in the School of Government.

Minimum admission requirements:

Minimum NSC Subject Requirements for 2017 – Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences
Programme Course Code English (Home or 1stAdditional Language) Another Language (Home or 1stAdditional Language) Mathematics    Mathematical Literacy Accounting Point Score
BAdmin 1011 4(50-59%) 3(40-49%) 3(40-49%) or 5(60-69%) N/A 30
BCom 1008 4(50-59%) 3(40-49%) 4(50-59%) or N/A N/A 30
BCom Law 1221 4(50-59%) 3(40-49%) 4(50-59%) or N/A N/A 30
BCom Accounting 1021 4(50-59%) 3(40-49%) 4(50-59%) or N/A 5(60-69%)N/A if students have achieved 5 or higher in mathematics 30
BCom Financial Accounting 1175 4(50-59%) 3(40-49%) 4(50-59%) or N/A N/A 30

Some career opportunities:

Qualifications in the economic and management sciences provide excellent preparation for a wide variety of careers in commerce, finance and the public sector. These are:

  • Administration and management, government (public service)
  • Accountancy, bookkeeping, auditing
  • Economics, banking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial consultancy, financial management, broking
  • Human resources management, industrial psychology, industrial relations
  • Insurance
  • International trade
  • Production, purchasing
  • Teaching, training, and lecturing
  • Chartered accountant