Cape Wools SA Bursary Fund 2023

About Cape Wools SA

Cape Wools SA was established on 11th March 1997 as a tax-exempt entity without share capital. Its main objective is to promote the production, trading and consumption of South African wool. CWSA was created to continue the work of its predecessor, the South African Wool Board, which was formed in 1946 and successfully promoted the wool industry.

Cape Wools SA represents the collective interests of the wool producers, wool buyers and processors, wool brokers and traders, small stock breeders, labour and the wool testing group. It also provides wool production advisory services with the help of the National Wool growers Association of South Africa. The result is better wool and more of it, through the group efforts of the organisations and associations.

Cape Wools SA Bursaries

The Cape Wools SA Bursary Fund aims to provide financial assistance to students enrolled or intending to enroll at tertiary educational institutions for qualificatins relevant to the South African wool industry.

The bursary will be awarded on a yearly basis base on the satisfactory completion of an academic year. The bursary value will amount to a maximum of R30 000,00 for the first year of study. Succeeding the academic year’s bursary amount may be adjusted under the decisions of CWSA. The bursary must be used solely for educational expenses such as registration, tuition fees, books, accommodation and
sundry expenses confirmed by documentary proofs. The CWSA bursary scheme is not limited to South African institutions.

If an applicant has other sources of funding, it must be informed to CWSA immediately.

Bursary will be terminated or required reimbursement if:

  • Bursary holder failed to pass an academic year
  • Bursary holder decides to terminate studies without completion of the full course
  • Reimbursement is required for bursary holders who completed their studies but decides to be employed outside the wool industry

Bursary Requirements and Eligibility

  • South African citizens
  • Applicants from the previously disadvantaged sector will be given preference, but still subject to acceptable academic achievement at secondary educational level
  • Compliance with all the necessary admission requirements of the institution
  • Students who wish to pursue studies in the fields of animal science (with a focus on wooled
    sheep science), business/marketing disciplines and wool textile science/technology.
  • Availability to meet with CWSA when needed

How to Apply and Application Details

  1. Download and complete the Cape Wools SA Bursary Fund Application Form.
  2. Attach the following together with the application form:
    • Cover letter indicating the reasons why the bursary fund should consider your bursary application
    • Certified copy of South African ID
    • Certified copies of latest academic results (matriculation certificate and/or latest course results from an institution)
    • Proof of address
    • Proof of ownership of bank account
    • Proof of registration at current tertiary institution
  3. The application form and required documents must be submitted to:
    • Post: The Chief Executive Officer, Cape Wools SA, P.O. Box 2191 North End PORT ELIZABETH 6056
    • Email: [email protected]

Opening & Closing Date

 31 October 2020 

Contact Details

Wool Exchange of South Africa
Address: 16 Grahamstown Road North End Port Elizabeth Eastern Cape 6056 South Africa
Tel: 041-484-4301
Fax: 041-484-6792
Email: [email protected]