B Sc Eng: Extended Programme


B Sc Eng: Extended Programme

B Sc Eng: Extended Programme

Many prospective students come from schools that have not equipped them for admission to university in that they do not obtain the required point scores for admission to specific programmes. B Sc Eng: Extended Programme
The University has developed innovative alternative access programmes to identify candidates who have the potential to succeed at university. Students identified by the programmes are recommended to Colleges. All final decisions are made by the Deans.
B Sc Engineering: Extended Programme (KN-H-UNT)

   This programme is fully integrated into the College Engineering, and works with students from academically disadvantaged schools. The objective is to develop the skills needed for academic excellence, as well as to produce successful engineers. It presents a comprehensive curriculum across the spectrum of engineering disciplines including credit bearing courses in Mathematics and Technical Drawing, as well as support courses in Communication/Life Skills, Chemistry, Mechanics and Physics. Students are also exposed to actual engineering projects through factory visits and guest lectures by professional engineers. Students who successfully complete the one year B Sc Engineering Extended Programme will be allowed to enrol in the College of Engineering at First Year Level. Students gain access to the programme through meeting the academic requirements at Grade 12 level.
Applicants require a NSC-Deg with English and Mathematics and Physical Science at Level 4 Quintile 1&2 schools. Proficiency in spoken English is also a strong recommendation. The programme enjoys strong support from sponsoring companies and the applications of prospective students who meet the requirements qualifying applicants will be forwarded to potential sponsors for consideration. Please note that B Sc Engineering: Extended Programme does not guarantee sponsorship but could facilitate bursaries through the Student Funding Centre.
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